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Lifecore Dental Implants..

Lifecore offers four systems of implants:
    Lifecore Prima™ Impant System
  • PrimaSolo one-piece tapered implants are the inspired choice. For you, superior strength and an RBM surface. Familiar crown and bridge restorative procedures and a well-organized, intuitive surgical kit. For your patient, gold-colored abutments provide natural-looking results. And time-saving technologies mean less chairtime for them, too.
  • Lifecore's PrimaConnex two-piece tapered and straight implants feature a proprietary 6-lobed internal connection that is among the industry's strongest.* Technological innovations also reduce micro-movement and maximize implant and abutment stability. Add in a self-aligning feature and 6 rotational positions, and it's also one of the easiest to use.
    RENOVA™ Internal Hex Implant System
  • The RENOVA implant system delivers the surgical versatility of straight and tapered implant designs with the strength and aesthetic benefits of an internal prosthetic connection. RENOVA implants are available with two different prosthetic connection diameters for clinical versatility. Matching prosthetics are designated with "SDI" or "RDI"
    RESTORE® External Hex Implant System
  • Lifecore Biomedical offers a broad array of RESTORE External Hex dental implants, restorative components and associated surgical instrumentation. These implants are engineered around three prosthetic table diameters for clinical versatility, stability and strength.
    STAGE-1™ Single Stage Impant System
  • The STAGE-1 System is designed to simplify the implant procedure for both the patient and the clinician. By eliminating the need for a second stage surgery, treatment chairtime and patient trauma are reduced. Restoratively, the STAGE-1 System provides esthetic results using simple restorative procedures with minimal components and instrumentation required.

Lifecore Prima™ Impant System
  • One-Piece Tapered Design – Maximizes implant and integrated abutment strength.
  • 3.0mm Implant Option – Excellent option for areas of very limited anatomical space.
  • Gold-Colored Integrated Abutment – Delivers a more natural color through the gingiva for improved esthetics.
  • Abutment “Flat” – Registers implant rotational position in the impression.
  • Depth Grooves on Integrated Abutment – Grooves in 1mm increments help clinician check implant placement depth against adjacent anatomy.
  • Roughened RBM Surface – Substantially increases bone-to-implant contact and mechanical bone interlock.
  • Proprietary 6-lobed Internal Connection – High-degree of surface-to-surface contact virtually eliminates micro-movement.
  • Color-coded Internal Connection – Simplifies healing abutment and restorative component placement.
  • Advanced Restorative Options – Offers superb esthetic outcomes.
  • Direct-drive Implant Delivery – No fixture mount to remove after placement, saving chairtime.
  • Roughened RBM Surface – Substantially increases bone-to-implant contact and mechanical bone interlock.
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