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Today, 3i offers one of implant dentistry's most comprehensive line of implants and abutments, augmented by a growing line of regenerative products. 3i pioneered the development of biologically driven implants, winning worldwide acclaim for the microtextured surface and superior clinical success of the OSSEOTITE® Implant.

    OSSEOTITE® Implant System

  • Biologically Driven Design - Proven Clinical Success

    Impressive success proven by impressive numbers compiled from numerous on-going clinical studies. But the story behind the success is equally compelling. It is a story of intensive research that yields a clear understanding of the healing process and the patented OSSEOTITE® design driving OSSEOTITE's incredible clinical performance.

    • 97.2% 5-Year Success
    • 99.4% 5-Year Success Post-Loading
    • 98.6% 4-Year Success Placement In Poor-Quality Bone
    • 97.8% 3 Year Success Following A Two-Month Loading Protocol

  • OSSEOTITE® Optimizes The Healing Process

    The OSSEOTITE surface features our patented 1 to 3 micron peak-to-peak and 5 to 10 micron peak-to-valley characteristics, proven to be optimal for:

    • Strengthening The Clot/Implant Attachment
    • Increasing Platelet Activation And Red Blood Cell (RBC) Agglomeration

  • One Of The Most Predictable And Proven Implants Made

    Documented In 6 Years Of Clinical Studies Global multicenter clinical evaluations with close to 3,000 implants under study demonstrate a 98.3% success rate at up to six years post-loading. These clinical studies continue to document the benefits the OSSEOTITE® Implant System.

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